Case Study

Case Study: Virtual Event Brief 2021

  • 1200 attendees across nine countries and five time zones
  • 80 Presenters in five countries
  • 30 concurrent sessions in three languages
  • Simultaneous Translation of all regional sessions
  • Live Q&A required in three languages
  • Live Polling required
  • Breakout groups required connected via video chat
  • Gamification / Engagement strategies
  • Enterprise Grade Encryption required
  • Delegate registration & communication pre event
  • Event APP required and linked to Live Q&A
  • Video content creation required:
    • Pre-recording of Plenary/General Session
    • Pre-recording of Multi Country Business Unit sessions
    • Post Production editing of all pre-records
    • Post event recordings of all live sessions
  • Delivery planning and execution with AV partners in all broadcast locations across the globe:
    • Cable plan preparation
    • Signal flow planning
    • Simultaneous Translation planning and supply
  • Presenter training both in small groups and 1 on 1
30 January - SOARA 1+2+3 - Studio
Virtual Events Solution
3L - CI 3 Language with Call-In

Why a Virtual solution?

Initially our clients event was to be an ‘in-person’ event in a major city in South East Asia with SOME attendees using a Virtual Event Platform (Hybrid event). Due to COVID-19 we were ultimately not able to execute an in-person event thus a 100% Virtual Experience became the solution.

With not more than 60 days notice our focus turned from Rooming Lists, Airline Manifests and catering menu selection to Upload/Download speeds, signal flows for multi language sessions and accessibility of a Virtual Event Platform across Japan, Asia and the Pacific.

Main Challenges

Given the event was a combination of live and pre-recorded business sessions across three language regions (Japanese/Chinese/English) Simultaneous Translation (SI) was required.

The question was, how do Panelists answering Q&A questions in English receive questions from an Attendee in say Shanghai speaking Mandarin? Further, how does a non English speaking delegate in Japan participate in a business session being presented in English by presenters in the USA?

“…we delivered what was arguably one of the most complex virtual events possible.”

The Solution:

Using OnAir from Centium Software, an extremely robust Virtual Event Platform offering all the required functionality for a complex multi-concurrent session event, combined with over a month of signal flow planning, the event was able to be delivered as close as possible to a live in person event as possible using a virtual platform.

Extensive cable planning was required to allow multi language sessions with live Q&A to proceed seamlessly. The Technical team within Inspired Intl. internal AV department worked with AV partners around the region and in the USA to ensure every session received the correct language audio and video feeds at the right time. With multiple timezones, Australia & New Zealand meeting sessions kicked off first in the early hours of our broadcast day (5am BKK time) followed by China, Korea & Taiwan.

Then South East Asia sessions as they came online at 0900am SIN time, followed by India a little later. All the while USA was online through the day and into their late evening/early morning. Across two days (18hr days for our crew) we delivered what was arguably one of the most complex virtual events possible.

As the Virtual Event industry product offering grows and matures things will get easier and more straightforward. in the meantime however, it is our experience that if planned well, with the right event team and AV crews in place, a virtual event can be an enjoyable and successful experience.

Virtual Events Solution
Virtual Events Solution
Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:

  • Audio, Video & SI signal flow & cable planning for each session to ensure delivery of correct content is crucial
  • Content specific for Virtual Event:
    Important content planning must take place to ensure continued attendee engagement throughout the duration of your virtual or hybrid event
  • Experienced Technical Directors with a strong understanding of greenrooms/staging preview and main stage areas in a virtual event environment is crucial
  • Internet Speeds, both Uploads and Downloads.
    (Recommended 1000mbps where available)
  • Consider Gamification in order to keep the level engagement high
  • Be diligent about “due dates” for content
  • Encourage Pre-recorded sessions where practical
  • Finally: respect the power of REHEARSALS!
Key Takeaways

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